March 14, 2019

To be bold, to be strong, to be whatever you want to be, that's what freedom is, sadly though not everyone has it.


Along with Voice of the Free - VF Foundation, Inc. Empowered Clubhouse is fighting for those who don't have such freedom, those who are victims of modern day slavery. Whether it's women and young girls being forced into the sex industry or men and young boys being forced into working the fishing boats, we need to raise awareness regarding modern day slavery and speak up for those who can't.


Today, March 14th, is #MyFreedomDay so how are you going to celebrate your freedom and use it to help the less fortunate? Pay it forward. Post your #MyFreedomDay picture, tell us what freedom is to you, and let's get talking to bring about change.


I, Coach Amy, never really knew how much freedom I had until I met a group of girls who had their freedom taken away -- my Lil' Sistas. So on their behalf and other victims of modern day human slavery, here's my crew of boxers fighting to raise awareness and put an end to this.


The definition of modern slavery includes men and young boys forced to work in factories, farms and fishing boats, women and young girls forced to sell sex, and it also includes people exploited for their organs and children sent to beg or forced to marry.


Statistics from the Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index shows that of the estimated 40 million people enslaved worldwide, 784,000 are in the Philippines.

Women supporting women, people supporting people. Ending March 14th, #MyFreedomDay, with some warrior women who are all about supporting each other. Thanks Lady Mavericks of the Makati Mavericks Sports Foundation for posing for our picture to help raise awareness about modern day slavery, much appreciated.


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