Empowered Clubhouse

The Philippines' first and only Private Female-Only Boxing

and Functional Training Clubhouse.

Taguig, Philippines

Surround yourself with those who challenge you, push you, motivate you.

Those who keep your fire lit and make you better.


Empowered women empower women

Empowered is a private female-only boxing clubhouse that supports, encourages and offers opportunities for Metro Manila's self-identified female population to become more “health happy” empowered via physical training opportunities like boxing and functional training, as well as socials, and a network hub of resources, businesses and services.  Empowered women empower women but we also empower little girls, our Lil’ Sistas, through our Lil’ Sistas Project -- a community outreach project for underprivileged girls. 



Get to know our Empowered Clubhouse team -- Coach Amy and Boxing Trainer Carol.
Two positively-packed, fierce female fighters who have a huge passion for health and fitness.

Coach Amy

  • Started boxing with Canadian Olympian Silver Medalist, Egerton Marcus of EMBA (Egerton Marcus Boxing Academy).

  • In 2007 Amy turned professional with her boxing in Korea and in 2018 she was registered as a licensed professional Filipino fighter in the Philippines.

  • Has trained in 6 countries: Canada, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and the Philippines.

  • Has fought in 5 countries: Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, the Philippines.

  • Started Flipside Fitness, in Korea, a womens-only boxing company in 2011.

  • Started Hulk’s Boxing (now Hulk’s Club) in Korea, 2012 -- a 1021sqm/11,000sqft boxing and MMA training facility.

  • Started Empowered Clubhouse in 2017, in the Philippines.

  • Front cover story of 10 Magazine, May 2013 issue.

  • Was featured in the Korean reality show "Neighbour Charles" and the Korean documentary show "Love in Asia".

  • Founder of the Lil' Sistas Project -- coaching underprivileged girls.

  • Current sponsors include The Refined, Klean Athlete, The Six Pack Chef, Formula Chefs, KiaOra Kitchen, and Fix and Fogg.


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Coach Carol

Boxing bootcamp coach

Passionate about bringing health and balance to people’s lives, her goal is to help others reach their full potential in life by making changes to their health and fitness. Over the past three years, Carol has combined her love for boxing and fitness with her infectious enthusiasm and positive vibe.


As a certified Boxercise Instructor, she combines boxing and strength training with her own personal experience to help clients discover their inner strength, so that one becomes capable of rallying one’s goals if the mind is onboard. She sees it a privilege to share with her clients’ victories.

  • Circuit Coach and Branch Manager at Curves, Eastwood (2017-2019)

  • Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, UFC GYM Philippines (October 2019 - March 2020)


Certifications / Seminars Attended

  •  Registered Boxercise Instructor - Boxercise UK (Feb. 2020)

  • Kettlebell Essentials by Gi.Jo - (August 2019)

  • National Fitness Leaders - Fit Fil National Fitness Movement, Whitespace, Makati (August 2018)

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The Lil' Sistas project

The Lil' Sistas Project is an outreach program that currently comprises of 76 underprivileged girls, ages 6-20, most of which are human trafficking survivors and others that are orphans.  The stories these beautiful little girls have would break your heart but their amazing energy, bravery and resilence would leave you feeling nothing short of inspired, moved and incredibly motivated.

Currently our Lil' Sistas Projest includes mentoring and coaching the girls at Holy Family Home and the Center of Hope.  We host a a Lil' Pow Boxing Class for them and also run an international penpal program with them and MJKO (Mentoring Junior Kids Organization) Boxing Club, Toronto, Canada, and it is called the Snail Mail Program.



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